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News & Updates

Stay up-to-date with what is happening in and around Avon Middle School West by clicking on the articles below. If you'd like to see district-wide updates, visit the Avon Experience page on the district website.

2023-24 School Year Highlights

A lot can happen over the course of a school year, especially in a school corporation like Avon Schools. We have compiled a list of some of the academic, artistic, athletic, and teacher/leader highlights that have happened since last July, and you can access them all on our website. 


Join Performance Services, Indiana Steel, and Avon Schools on May 20 as we celebrate a Beam Signing at AMS West. Don't miss this opportunity to write your name into Avon history.

Dr. Wyndham and podcast guests

Join Dr. Wyndham as he discusses the details of the proposal our corporation and middle school athletic directors have been working on for middle school athletics. Find out what their ideas are for existing programs like football, basketball, cross country, track, volleyball, and more, how they're slow-rolling the growth of new programs like baseball and softball, and what their plans are for adding new sports.

aerial photo of east and west

Avon’s kindergarten through sixth grade students have spoken. In August 2025, when AIS East and West open their doors as elementary schools, students will walk into Evergreen Elementary and Willow Elementary.

aerial photo

In the 50 days between our last update on November 1 and today, December 21, 2023, a ton of progress has occurred. Thanks to excellent weather, site work and foundation work is taking shape. Check it out!

aerial photo

In the 35 days between the September 26 groundbreaking ceremony and November 1, 2023, so much work has happened on the site of Avon Middle School West. Check it out!

ACSC Launches Two New Websites

Avon Academy and Avon Middle School West are the newest additions to ACSC's collection of school websites. Browse by to learn more about what is happening at Avon Academy and what is coming at AMS West.

Dr. Wyndham and podcast guests

During this conversation between Superintendent Dr. Scott Wyndham, CFO Sheila Glass, and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michael Sullivan, you'll learn about the work that has already occurred at AMS West, what is coming in the next several months, how Avon Schools will be able to complete this project with no taxpayer impact and without the use of referendum funds, and much more.

aerial photo of farmland

Curious about the location of Avon's third middle school? This video will show you the location of the property — acquired in 2010 — and help you get your bearings.

strategic growth announcement

Our Board of School Trustees made an important – unanimous – decision at their meeting last night in selecting a model that will position Avon Schools to meet the demands of our growing student enrollment.